Just Dance

Just Dance

Beskrivelse af klubben

For better physical and mental health and to boost emotions and social well-being, smilling moving your body to sound of music can transform you life. It does not matter if 80 or 8 years come enjoy moving your body with Just Dance Aalborg.

JUST DANCE Aalborg is a team of professional dancing instructors and DJs who have deep insight in Afro and Latin American inspires dancing styles and music genres. JUST DANCE Aalborg offers lessons in Cuban Salsa, Samba and Afrobeats. In JUST DANCE Aalborg you will learn the history of dances, connect with your body, improve you physical and mental health, express yourself freely through body movement and be part of diverse and positive group.

Instruktører og frivillige

Aurora, Ingrid Spinella, Thomas Omondi




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+45 30 49 54 43


Jomfru Ane Gade 14, 1TH 9000 Aalborg