Salsa Más Dance Academy

Salsa Más Dance Academy

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I Salsa Más Dance Academy’s sociale og motiverende miljø tilbyder vi eksklusive dansehold, workshops og privatundervisning i forskellige cubanske danse og på forskellige niveauer, samt at organisere kulturelle danse- og musikaktiviteter, events og arrangementer. Vi underviser folk med forskellige interesser, baggrunde og aldre. Vi underviser alle de elever, der vil forbedre deres livskvalitet, både fysisk og følelsesmæssigt.

Welcome to the group Salsa Más Dance Academy! COME to discover how GOOD, HEALTHY and FUNNY is to feel the dance and the great cuban music in one of my teams!!! This group is just for all of those people who want to know about all the Events, Classes, Workshops and Great Offers made by Salsa Más. Where you all can have the pleasure to relax, exercise, know and have fun dancing Cuban Salsa "Casino", Son, Cahchachá and many others traditional Cuban dances, in couple or in solo. In "Salsa Más" Cuban Dance Academy, we teach you not only to dance, but to feel the dance from the heart, by giving you knowledge of rhythms, steps, movements, tips and more, about the different cuban styles in all the courses and workshops. The dance academy it is located in Copenhagen. We can travel around Denmark arranging Salsa events for parties, schools, weddings, big companies and workplaces, etc. and we also travel to other countries making weekend workshops. if it is not enought for you, just come with us on the Dance Trips to Cuba, where you can enjoy the nature, fresh air, sun and beaches, besides dancing Casino (Cuban Salsa) with your own Cuban dance partner in the heart of Havana. If you have any question or are interested in give a cheerful, festive and fun touch for some event, do not hesitate in contact us.

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