Beskrivelse af klubben

Odense Salsaforening (OSaF) er for alle, der danser salsa eller vil lære det. Vi informerer gerne om kommende arrangementer, walk-ins, workshops, fester og andre danserelaterede arrangementer i Odense og omegn.

Offering tuition in salsa (cuban pair dance, Rueda de casino and cross-body/LA style), bachata, kizomba and zouk as drop-in workshops and blocks of classes, OSaF is the place get a taste of, or master, all of these exotic dances.
At our dance studio in Kansas City, Odense M (close to the city), all are ensured a welcome as warm as the countries these dances hail from and are sure to leave our intro workshops with a smile on their faces. We challenge anyone to be grumpy whilst dancing to such joyful music.


Mandags Walk-in




Munkebjergvej 140D 5230 Odense M