Cuban Roots

Cuban Roots

Beskrivelse af klubben

CubanCourses - Afrocuban
The first hour will be afrocuban, the second salsa solo or in couple, according to the theme of the class.
  • Eleggua - salsa footwork
  • Yemaya - salsa body movement
  • Ochun - salsa tricks in couple
  • Oggun - salsa trick in couple
Ladiesstyling courses
The course will focus on learning how to look more feminine on the dance floor both dancing with your partner and alone.
We will start from scratch building up a solid dancing technique base that will boost your confidence for every occasion (social dance floor, show and so on). Anyone who wants to master her basic step as a professional would benefit from this course! The main topics are:
  • Posture and how to look elegant when we walk
  • Weight transfer and hips movement
  • Elegant and controlled arms
  • Basic torso and shoulders movement

Instruktører og frivillige

Reinier & Elena




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Stilarter og region

Son, Region Hovedstaden, Ladystyling, Cubansk